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Hi-Tech Mining Facility Attack


The Hi-Tech Mining Facility is Being Attacked!

Deep in the jungle, Stephen has found a mountain full of powerful gems, but Eric and his goons want the gems for themselves. Help Stephen defend his mine with the powerful drill, watch tower, armory, lab with eye scanner, and more!

This idea contains: Detatchable Gas Station for Drill, Mountain Area, Minecart, Fountain, Pool, Waterfall, lots of Plants, Watch Tower, Lab with multiple storage areas, Hidden Anvil, Mining Area, Armory, Bathroom, Hidden Safe, Drill, and 11 Minifigures.

Gas Station Area includes: Room for drill and removable gas pump for all three gas tanks.

Drill includes: Spinable Drill, Seating for one minifigure, and removable gas tank.

Lab includes: Multiple storage containers for power gems, Main chair and two extras, Batteries, Eye scanner, ladder, controls, and ALERT signs.

Armory and Bathroom includes: 8 weapon holders, plants, a toilet with extra toilet paper, and can be removed to reveal safe of money/power gems. 

Waterfall and Pool includes: Waterfall, Fountain, pool with old fashioned scuba diver and lobster.

Mining Area includes: Mountain Wall, Multiple Power Gems, Anvil, Iron bar doors with locks, Keepout signs, and Bike Shop Signs.

Watch Tower includes, Rocket launcher with extra ammo, machine gun, rifle, rock skull with laser eyes, and other weapons.

Miners Include {In picture left to right}: Josh, George, Space Miner, Stephan, Watch Tower Guard, Young Miner, and Scientist.

Villains Include {In picture left to right} : Bob The Bomber, The Crystal Soldier, Mr. Claw, and Eric.

We appreciate your support and sharing. 

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