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Lovely Clothing Shop


The work I would like to introduce is “Lovely Clothing Shop.”

The Lovely Clothing Shop has a total of 3 floors. First of all, the exterior is clearly showing that it is a clothing store by making a sign with Lego figure clothes. There are many lights and large windows, so the clothing store looks lovely and luxurious. The first floor is a clothing store.

On the first floor, there is a show window, so you can see nice clothes outside the building. When you enter the store, you will find a variety of clothes hanging on the shelves, and you will find props such as hats. Also, there is a checkout counter on the first floor where you can pay for the clothes you bought.

Next, on the second floor, there is a house for clothing store employees. There is a kitchen and a room on the second floor, and there is a large bed and a table for food. Next, there is a cute restroom on the back of the building on the first floor. Go up the stairs to the left of the bathroom and open the door and you'll find the machine room. There's a machine in this machine room that looks like it's going to work right away. The white decorations on the roof can change the shape to suit the individual's style.

What's special about this lovely clothing store is that it is full of cool signboards, colorful exterior, various space configurations on each floor, and fashion items that can change the figures I have. It would be great if you chose this lovely clothing store and many people who play Lego enjoyed it and put fashion items on the figures.

Thank you very much for reading my explanation.

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