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Mystery at Mr. Gold's Manor

A whodunit like no other. A mystery is afoot at Mr. Gold's Manor. Who was it? The Waiter, the Ice Skater, the Constable, the Mime, the Forest-man, or the Detective? 

They each brought their own tools too. Could they be clues? The Constable's baton, the Forest-man's bow, the Ice Skater's skates, the Detective's magnifying glass, the Mime's mystery item, or the Waiter's bottle?

The manor holds many secrets too. The pool table opens to reveal a secret compartment! The bookshelf slides to reveal secrets! The animal bust holds tools! The fireplace conceals clues! The painting hides a secret passageway!

What dastardly crime has been committed, Which fiend is responsible? You get to decide!

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