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Modular Mini-McDonalds

Founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940 with franchising started by Ray Kroc in 1953, the McDonald's restaurant chain now serves over 69 million customers in over 100 countries every day.  Now a new location has opened in the world of LEGO.  In honor of the small sized McDonald's restaurants in real life, this mini-McDonald's is designed for use in a LEGO modular city.  Your minifigs can pop in for a quick bite to eat or grab some food to go as they explore the rest of the city.  This set will also help celebrate the 80th anniversary of McDonald's in 2020.

(This set is a smaller version of a previous model I made which can be found here: )

This McDonald's set features:
- 617 pieces
- Fits on one standard 32x32 stud baseplate with technic bricks in the proper position to connect to other Modular models.
- Easy to remove roof for access to minifigs and enhanced playability
- 7 mini-figures (2 employees, 5 customers)
- 1 cash register on the main counter
- 1 drink dispenser with 8 drink choices
- 1 table for 2 minifigs
- 1 counter for 1 minifig
- 1 condiment counter
- 1 trash can
- 3 printed menu screens
- 1 printed McCafe sign
- 3 printed "M" signs
- 1 printed "McDonald's" sign
- 4 plants
- 1 mini-freezer for ice cream
- 1 back door that leads to the kitchen (not part of the model)

This McDonald's set is sure to be a great addition to the Modular city.  It may even stir your appetite for a trip to your local McDonald's - regardless of its size.

I'm lovin' it.

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