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Iron Drone - Nightmare Leviathon

The Nightmare Leviathon is piloted by the Iron Drone Robot, and is the stealth/recon mech in the robots' arsenal against the humans. Iron Drones aren't normally issued such powerful and advanced mechs, as they are normally treated as expendable pawns by the Robot army, but it was time for that to change. 

It features 2 huge shoulder mounted cannons, which hold 4 powerful arrow shooters, along with poseable limbs, rotating waist, giant claws and menacing design. This model provides plenty of entertaiment, and can be used to create epic battle scenes against the humans, the mechs and vehicles of whom can be seen on my projects page.

Unlike the majority of my projects, where the model comes first, and the name second, which is inspired by the aesthetics of the model, this creation was the other way around. I came up with this name, and I instantly visualised a terrifyingly creepy mech suit, with freakishly long arms, top heavy build, spiny back and an overall scary look. The aim was to make it look like a creature from the abyss. Inspiration therefore came from things like the giant squid, angler fish and other nightmarish sea creatures.

The Nightmare Leviathon stands over 28cm tall, and contains 283 pieces.

Hope you like the project, and thanks in advance for the support and feedback



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