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Cycling Trip Behind the City by Train


The set is a combination of my passions of bicycle trips and trains, and the whole has connected LEGO.

The train consists of a locomotive, a postal and passenger car with a separate place for bicycles.

The locomotive has a drive, an IR receiver and a power supply module. In the front and rear we have a detailed train driver's cockpit. The modular roof facilitates access to individual sections of the locomotive.

The post wagon receives parcels from the station. It has lockers for the transport of letters and 2 small tables for sorting shipments.

In the passenger car, a couple of cyclists discuss the route of the trip. The backpacks hang on the shelf, and the bikes wait patiently for the ride. Removable one-piece roofs make it easy to play.

At the station we have two small buildings and a platform. One of them has a post office. The postman weighs the parcels and puts them in the journal. The cart helps him deliver parcels to the wagon. Next to the post office there is a lift for bicycles and disabled people.

The second building is a souvenir shop. You can buy maps, postcards, old-fashioned lamps, mascots. The saleswoman is watching the whole thing. Next to the shops there is a telephone and timetable (sticker in the phase of the imagination :)).

A traveler from Australia is waiting on the platform for the train.

In the main passage, two benches await tired outsiders. Beware of the ladybug!

More designs of wagons and locomotives on the site here.

With a little help from friends, everyone will be able to build this unusual trip out of town.

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