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Flight Mech


About This Project

This project is a prototype mech that can fly in a similar way that a harrier jet can. The thrusters are adjustable to help with take off and landing as well as making it highly agile. It can also use it's thrusters to help it in battle if needed. The mech is piloted by one minifigure. The mech has good articulation and is very pose able. I think this mech would have many applications like say search and rescue, policing, fire fighting, military, space exploration, and many more. All it would need is a few add ons  that would help it in each particular situation.

Play Features:

  • Cockpit holds one minifigure and opens/closes.
  • The mech has good articulation and is very poseable.
  • The waist and wrists can spin 360 degrees.
  • The thrusters are adjustable.


  • One minifigure.

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