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Mystery at "The Ship" Public House.

"The Ship" is a Lego mystery set packed full of clues and moving parts. As well as being a beautiful British Public House and Burger Bar, Dotty the elderly landlady has gone missing!

Mystery at The Ship:
The Ship is a traditional local pub (serving the finest in non-alcoholic beverages). Dotty the Landlady recently went missing and Nick the Barman is worried. Due to her advancing years she never left the pub. The Ship has always done well financially but since the disappearance Nick has had to borrow from a local loan shark "Brick" Simpson, to keep it afloat. The only clue is a flyer for a Piano concert (with some illegible writing on the back) that Dotty had left behind the bar. To make matters even worse for Nick, tax man has just arrived too. Time is running out for Nick to solve the mystery of Dotty's disappearance and save The Ship.

This set comes with the following minifigs;
  • Nick the Barman
  • "Brick" Simpson
  • Mr Separator the tax man
  • Tony the chef
  • PC Studs the local bobby
  • Dotty the Landlady?
As well as 6 customers.

The building separates into 3 floors with 2 removable back walls to help play. 

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