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Love's Sorrow

Hello, my name is Mikkel and this is my build Love's Sorrow.
This is the first LEGO build that I have designed over brick studio, and I began designing it on 19-05-2022 till 21-05-2022. I used two references for the tree, which are the two sets "Bonsai Tree" and the "Ninjago City Gardens". But other than that, I mostly built it from small sketches I was making along the way.

The sorrows of life are a part of everyone. In this specific diorama, we are focused on a woman whose lost her husband to war, and is left all alone with her children. But although she has lost one of the most important people in her life, the world and all of the life on it will still continue and will always be beautiful.

In my design, I wanted to focus on two aspects of the build, which is the nature that surrounds the landscape and the stand that the diorama is built on. The bricks I used are as far as to my knowledge all still in production, but there are many of the colours that have not been made available yet.

The build itself measures at 5.3 cm in width, 58.0 in length and 48.3 in height. In total, this makes up for the use of 2799 parts.

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