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The Carnival Ferris Wheel


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This is my submission for a Carnival Ferris Wheel. The Lego Company has made one before, but in micro scale. Here is the link to it- My Ferris Wheel is minifigure scale and can seat up to six minifigures. It is surprisingly very sturdy and has a gear function which could easily be hooked up to a Power Functions motor. Take your favorite minifigures on a ride!

The Set-

The wheel has three main colors - red, blue, and yellow. It has six colored seats that fit one minifigure each, it does not fit short people (sorry Hobbits, Dwarfs and kids). The wheel itself has a gear on one end which goes all the way down to a wheel, that when turned, will spin the wheel. The wheel is made mostly out of 8x2 plates, as opposed to Technic pieces.

The base has a set of steps for loading your minifigures into a seat. It also comes with an operators stand with some controls. There is caution tape on the ground on the back of the model for safety reasons.

The Minifigures

Ferris Wheel operator- He will take your tickets! Comes with a blue hat and red and blue shirt.

Female passenger- She loves the view at the top! Comes with a ticket.

Young male passenger- He has never been on a Ferris Wheel before! Comes with a ticket.

Male passenger- He used to work here!- Comes with a ticket.


This took me a while to build and I hope everyone likes it!

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