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Double Grinder


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I saw one of these made of wood, and was impressed with how smoothly it worked. I wanted to challenge myself to make one equally efficient out of Legos. It took me a while to finalize the design, but it was totally worth it.

The arm spins in a wide circle, while the two inserted blocks move laterally back and forth, crossing each other but never touching. It is a swift, smooth movement.

While there really isn't a practical use for it, I think it would make a cool, unique desk topper, and I use mine as a something to fidget with.

I think this would make a great new Lego set and it could lead to a new Lego theme: mechanical illustrations.

If you think this is cool, and would like to see it as a Lego set, please support it, and ask your friends to support it also. Thanks!

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