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LEGO Tram CAF Urbos 3 Budapest


This tram, type CAF Urbos 3 is currently the world's longest tram and it runs on the line No. 1 in Budapest, Hungary. The total length of the Spanish company's tram is 56 meters, the model, with the representative fraction of 1:31.25 is 179.2 cm long. The tram is built up of 9 separate modules and there are only 2 which has a counterpart, others are all different.

The tram is running on one of the longest tram lines in Budapest, I can only repeat myself: travelling inspires me. As I was taking a ride, it sprang to mind that there are very few trams, modeled with LEGO, so I decided to create one.

The original tram has low floor all along and fortunately I was able to make the model low floored too, that's why the wheels are not connected per pair.

As I mentioned before, there are very few LEGO trams you can buy and that's the reason I think it would be a good product, who doesn't want to have a model of the world's longest tram?


Total bricks: 5 380 pieces

Total length: 224 bricks (179.2 cm)

Total width: 10 bricks (8 cm)

Total height: 15-20 bricks (14.4-19.2 cm, depending on pantographs)

Representative fraction: 1:31.25

I hope you like it and thank you in advance for your supports!

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