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Wolfen - Star Fox Series

I'm happy to submit my rendition of the mighty WOLFEN, flagship starfighter of the Star Wolf mercenary gang (sworn enemies of the Star Fox heroes in the Nintendo games of the same name).

This Wolfen iteration is based on the Starfox Assault game dating back to 2005. I can't say enough good things about the design of this starfighter and could not resist giving it a shot as a lego set. I love the black and red color schemes that scream: "we are the bad guys!". I love the angles and the many fins all around the fuselage, giving it an aggressive, dangerous appearance. I love that the large laser cannons protrude on the sides of the nose, instantly showing that Star Wolf is not clowning around when it comes to space dog fights.

This Wolfen would certainly make a great lego set. The build is super fun with its many techniques to give the ship its numerous unusual angles. There is also a fun upside-down build to create the lower jaw part under the nose. Speaking of which, I added some greebling and engine details inside the "jaw" of the starship. It's an area we have never really seen closely in the games. All this to say that I can easily imagine any fans of science fiction franchises liking this Wolfen starfighter design. It's right up there with all those beloved starfighters.

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