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Desktop Rock'N'Roll

This is a product idea that called to pay homage to Rock 'n' Roll music and culture of the 50's era.
Being a huge fan of all things 50's and Rock 'n' Roll, I would love to bring a little bit of romanticized pastel-chromish decade onto your tabletops with Lego bricks. I am sure that fans of both Lego and Rock 'n' Roll will find lots of fun references throughout this build.

About The Build
The jukebox is not based on any existing brands, it is rather a generalized reflection of jukebox designs of that age and it consists of 1280 pieces.
Dimensions are:
Width: 19.9 cm Length: 18.5 cm Height: 24.6 cm
Being a minifig-scale builds fan I absolutely had to make this inside mini-world "twist", so the jukebox has two floors where all the magic happens.
Upper floor is where the jukebox employee (entirely fictional guy btw) resides and who is in charge of all song orders.
Ground floor is where all the fun happens! Dance, sing, twist and shout! By pulling the handle the dance floor slides out with simultaneously rising song selector screen (credit to @JKBrickworks this sliding mechanism was heavily inspired by his amazing jewelry box). Then at certain point the dance floor activates a lever at the bottom which brings up the stage with a singer ready to rock! Once the dance floor and stage are set, simply turn the knob to bring some Rock 'n' Roll to the dance floor!
A fun little detail is a mini version of jukebox on the dance floor that can be activated by pushing on it to bring some extra lights :)

Easter Egg hunt
I'm always happy when you guys find some hidden references and Easter Eggs, so do not hesitate to comment if you found any :)

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