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Noëlle's Alpine Adventures

Noëlle’s Alpine Adventures is a winter project that I wanted to make using some kind of log building. I have been working on it for a while now as I changed it during the design. 
It is wintertime in the Swiss Alps and the owner of the Ski Chalet is Noëlle who named it “Noëlle’s Alpine Skis” . Here you can either rent or buy equipment for skiing and skating. The skates are obviously for the pond by the Chalet and the skis are for the slopes near by. She also provides a Hot Chocolate Stand outside by the pond for people to warm up with. In the top of the Chalet is a table and chairs with guests enjoying some of the hot chocolate. It seems though that someone has had a skiing accident and is now in a cast and using crutches. The room upstairs is decorated with a mountain landscaped picture, snowshoes, and a wolf print as a centerpiece on a wooden table which gives it that rustic outdoors feel. The main level has a wood stove and another seating area for people wanting to warm up. You can see some of the skis and skates in the middle of this room, the counter for transactions, and Noëlle herself. This set can be displayed all winter, at Christmas or for both, so it is very versatile and with the number of pieces it can be disassembled and rebuilt each year.

This set contains 1832 pieces.

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