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It walks and it rides, and is completely remote controlled.
You can see a model which works just like this one by visiting . New pictures and movies are in the works.

I've had to change change this project significantly.
I'm convinced that this project will not get made if it's connected to Ghost in the Shell. This gives me two choices:
1) Ditching the project completely
2) Reworking it into something that -is- acceptable to Lego's standards

I realise that some may not be too happy about this change. For that I am sorry, but as said, this is the only way this project can move forward.

I'm busy reworking the model right now. As it goes, walking is 20% faster and riding is 40% faster, and I've got more possibilities to add functionality.

Please add your comments, let me know how you feel about this change and what should be included in the new model. I'm thinking of turning it into a construction bot, but I'm sure you have your own ideas. Firefighter, racer, rescue service...

I don't have much time to build at the moment, but this is what I'm working on.

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