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Gavin's Gas Guzzler

The model of this car is an SUV/race type vehicle. The SUV style is shown in the back part of the vehicle and the race part is the aerodynamic features. I built this car with 2 motors, 1 in the front partially under the hood and the rest is exposed. The back motor is surrounded with glass so it can be admired. The vehicle is designed low to the ground. There are 2 exhausts with only 1 shooting out flames from behind. I also designed a huge spoiler that is built off the back bumper. The best part of this vehicle are the doors. I designed the doors to be butterfly doors! I chose to make the doors function this way because it looks cool and unique when they are completely open. It looks like the vehicle will fly away. When they are closed they lock in place with a piece I added to secure them.

I believe this design would make a great LEGO set because there were a few challenges to building it. The first challenge was connecting the butterfly doors to line up properly with the body of the car. I needed to design the hinges to the doors using 2 connection points. Another challenge was designing the roof to have both glass and solid pieces. The final challenge was creating a hood to go over the front engine.

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