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3D Picture Race Track

The last decisive meters of the big Lego GP. Captured in a great 3D picture.

After participating in a contest, I had this idea. A cool 3D picture for the table. Be it for the children's room, the office, the Lego rack or the hobby room. Everywhere you can put up a great 3D picture.

It shows the exciting last seconds of a race. But it can do more. The cars can be removed to have fun with them. So it is also a playset. Or you put another car on the track. It is possible to put your Lego car collection in the scene with this picture frame.

The set consists of 980 Lego bricks. The holder is attached to the picture frame. Technic bricks inside the holder ensure stability. In additon, the weight of the holder ensures that the picture does not tip over. The cars can be easily attached to or removed from the picture.

I hope you like my little idea.

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