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X-Men X-Mansion

It is the base of operations and training site of the X-Men and the location of a school for mutant teenagers, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, formerly Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. It is also the headquarters of the X-Men.

This design features five rooms. A two story danger room with rotating laser cannon, collapsing wall, and robotic tentacles. room two is an observation room over looking the danger room. Room three the war room with holographic projection table. Room four is the upstairs class rooms. Room five is locker room featuring an original first class uniform in case. The set also includes a separate Cerebro .

cerebro with opening side.

one of the biggest additions to the danger room is the two light bricks set up under the floor to give the appearance of functioning holographic projectors, switches located in front. . the war room has been moved to the bottom floor for more authenticity. the top floor has been made into a class rom for Xavier's students.

the set will include jubilee, shadow cat, wolverine, storm, night-crawler, colossus, rouge, and professor x.

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