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Baxter Building


This is a Lego Baxter Building replica!

Welcome to the home of Fantastic Four! This is one of the most iconic fiction buildings in the world. It is based on the real Baxter Building from the Fantastic Four. Now you can recreate this Lego Baxter Building replica with this set!

I am a huge fan of this movie. I've started designing this at the middle of July 2014. I have spent a lot of hours and days at designing this project, ordering/buying the real Lego bricks, taking the best photos, and make it as best as I could. I have made many versions, but I've chosen this one for its iconic design. There is around 100 pieces.

  • This set was made by HotRodCreations (me)
  • It is made out of real Lego Bricks
  • Please support this project! Thank you for your support!

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