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Brick Buds Pro

Introducing the Brick Buds Pro. These earbuds are enhanced with the latest sound technology to give you the rich, deep sound that you love, with a truly wireless design and an ergonomic fit, these earbuds will never bring you any pain or annoyance. Not only do they work amazing, but they also are stylish and come with a small slim case with wireless charging capabilities, and a heads-up LED display. The best thing about these earbuds, is they are waterproof, so you never have to worry about ruining these earbuds.

Hello, my name is Emmett Tolman. This is my first LEGO Ideas project, so I hope you all like it. These earbuds do not actually work. The main reason for the "ad" was because I couldn't put text in images, so I fit them in the description. I used a lot of black pieces in this set. My favorite part about this set was using a guy's hairpiece as the silicone earbud. I think that it would make a very great set since every detail was thought out and planned, and there are details everywhere.

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