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Casa Citrohan


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Here I am again with another icon of the Bauhaus style.

What do we have here?
This building name is "Casa Citrohan". It was designed by the French architect "Le Corbusier": Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris. According to public information, the time in which he developed it fluctuates between 1919 and 1923. Casa Citrohan was planned as a single-family house. In addition to architecture, Le Corbusier was also a painter and furniture designer.

Why did I build Casa Citrohan?
I know the Le Corbusier houses in Stuttgart (Germany) and have already seen them in the original. There is also a Citrohan among them. However, I discovered on the ethernet that the Stuttgart Citrohan is not a unique piece. You can find many interesting variations of Citrohan on the ethernet. From the outside, I based myself on Le Corbusier's original (apart from the roof terrace), with a cellar and adjacent garage for the car and the terrace above with circulation and two stairs. The interior is my own interpretation. A luxury villa free for Lego Minifures.

A kitchen with a cooking island, a Gropius couch and a built-in wall unit make minifig life easier. There is also a large bathroom and bedroom and, at the top, a room that can be converted for the child. The rooms and inner stairs are elegantly tiled with black tiles. The absolute highlight for Minifigs is of course the large roof terrace.

And why did I build it now? I had to. I couldn't get past it. It fits so brilliantly with my other Bauhaus projects.

Why Lego could build it.
Lego builds so many beautiful old houses. Lego! Give yourself a try and try another more modern style. Whoever dares will win. :)

The Lego dates
Parts: 2998
Dimension in studs: 54x37x47
Grams: 5076

I hope you like my little minifig villa.

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