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Japanese Village Home


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Complete your Lego Ninjago area with a countryside rice farming house based off authentic Japanese architecture.  Detailed with a small front area complete with two small trees, two trees, bamboo, Japanese stone lanterns, and dried leaves for extra fine points.  Rice farm is terraced and both it and the house have overlapping layers for a more sturdy structure.  The interior of the house is finalized with a bed, table with floor seats cushions, tea table, small cooking area, and bonsai tree.  The house is concluded with large windows, wooden beams, and a smooth roof that can be removed for easy access.  Included with the house is a small bridge that crosses a creek.  There is a cherry blossom, painting canvass, and fishing rod attached to the bridge area.  To go along with the rice farm there is a cart with a crate for the rice and a barrel for the fish from the creek.  Everything is finished with small detail and a nice color theme.

Minifigures included:

-One Daimyo

-Two Samurai

-Two Male Rice Farmers

-One Female Rice Farmer

-Also a cat, two frogs, and four fish

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