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Muddy Basin and the Western Coast (Beast Quest)


This is another project based on the book/videogame "Beast Quest"!

This is the Muddy Basin and a stretch of the Western Coast. In the book, these are the Western Beaches where live Sepron, the Sea Serpent; a good Beast that's victim of a spell of the evil sorcerer Malvel. In the video game was added the Muddy Basin, where live the Giant Crabs. Tom, the boy-knight, must venture here after he have repaired the Callum's boat and must carry out various missions...

  • Go fishing with Tom and Callum and fish enough Stormscale Trouts for the Special Bait!
  • Help Tom to defeat the fearsome Titan Crab and to avoid its terrible blows and the poisonous tail;
  • Talk with Aduro who's magically appeared for help Elenna fend off Giant Crabs;
  • Enjoy the view from the Snapjaw Sight (where there's the exclamative point!);
  • Get Callum's boat and sailing along the Western Coast;
  • Try to unlock the Totem door that leads to the Rift of Tears and defeat the hidden Piranha Corsair!
  • Explore the Muddy Basin  and navigate in the muddy swamp; you reach out to the waterfall and find the hidden treasure!
  • Hide you in the thick bushes, collect the hidden coins between the red flowers and not be seen by the Piranha Pirate!
  • Collect the Giant Crab's eggs to prepare the Special Bait;
  • Tom can rest at the camp if he feel tired; there is also a pot on the stove if he's hungry...
  • Collect the tropical plants to recover your strength;
  • The model includes 10 coins, 5 gems and 2 potions to recover your strength in the course of the battle with the Crabs;
  • This model is builded with 1770 bricks;
  • It contains 7 minifigures: a Piranha Corsair with one sword, a Piranha Pirate with two swords, a blue Piranha Pirate with dynamite, Tom the boy-knight, Elenna with her bow, Callum with a fish and a fishing rod, Aduro with his scepter.
  • The model includes also one blue Giant Crab, one yellow Giant Crab, Titan Crab, a spider and a seagull;

I am proud for this project; I made many sketches and drawings to decide what to include in the model. In the game, the Muddy Basin area is very extended, but I could not re-create the entire area; I have kept the main sites (as the Totem door and the Snapjaw Sight) and the most important enemies (the Giant Crabs, Titan Crab and the Piranha Corsair). To decide the colour of the model I spent a lot of time; I've made several attempts and, in short, I have worked as a real LEGO designer. I like the final appearance of the bushes and the thick vegetation of the Muddy Basin; I hope you like them, because I've noticed that many people commented positively the bushes that I made for another model of Beast Quest. I found on Internet an excellent guide for the advanced techniques of LEGO construction and I used them a lot for this project (for example the Totem door was mounted sideways so as to leave a small space between a Totem and the other).I love Titan Crab: I rarely build simple creatures, and a creature with so many details that it was a real challenge! I looked at all the inventory of LEGO Digital Designer and I have carefully chosen the pieces that could make it more similar to the one that appears in the video game. In addition, Titan Crab has a tail and claws jointed, and the armor was mounted sideways. I used the same method for the Giant Crabs. The mountain and the boat is also builded sideways. I think that this would be a great LEGO set because Beast Quest is an excellent theme for a LEGO series and the enviroments of Beast Quest are fantastic for a LEGO recreation. This project is also funny for an expert builder (during the construction phase, some parts may not seem to be the ones that will be in the end: each piece has an important role) and it's funny for children because this model offers many functions to play with it. I love the particular construction techniques that I've used for this project; I hope that you like them too. So, I hope in your eventual support for a possible LEGO Beast Quest Set: Muddy Basin and the Western Coast.

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