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Battle of Osgiliath


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After the last wave of sets from the Lord of the Rings, most people felt a bit disappointed and sad about the end of this great licensed series. Mostly because there were missing some important characters and locations. So I designed this set, motivated by a contest on Eurobricks. My aim was to close the mssing gap in our Lord of the Rings collections. I felt that we needed a scene from the last movie "The Return of the King", and of course it was necessary to get some Gondor Soldiers. I have chosen the battle of Osgiliath, so it was also possible to add Gondor Rangers.

Setname: Battle of Osgiliath

Parts: 718

Minifigs: 8

Est. Price: 89,99 $

The set itself is fully modular, so even if it is a little bit too pricy for a regular Ideas set, it is easy to subtract parts or figures for lowering the price. The Gondor torso design is exactly the same as Aragorn's outfit in the set "79007 Black Gate" modified with photoshop, what makes it easy and affordable to print these figures.

Please help me to get this set to the final stage, to show the Lego Company that every fan of LotR totally needs those figures and just one last set to be satisfied.

Thanks a lot for your support !

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