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I have always liked elephants, not because I find them especially graceful or beautiful, but because they dispite of their massive size and rather boring color, succeed in looking cute with their long trunks and giant ears.

I understand where the idea for the story about Dumbo the elephant came from, as those big ears actually resemble butterfly wings - so, to make the elephant a bit more graceful and colorful, I have created the Butterphant.

I received great feedback at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend in 2019, where I showcased the Butterphant alongside some of my other designs and creations. I have therefore decided to submit it as a product idea. I would love to see my Butterphant become a LEGO Ideas set so everybody can build and enjoy it.

Update: December 2020
#buildtogive is a fantastic initiative which I support and which has inspired me to come with an alternative update to the lovely Butterphant.

The Butterphant can be changed from season to season. This update contains dressing up the Butterphant for the holiday season with a nice Christmas theme.

The butterfly-ears changed colours from orange to "Christmas tree including red balls and lights"-colours.

And to complete my update the Butterphant is also wearing a comfy Christmas hat!

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