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The Castle By The Riverside

Welcome to the castle of Duke George. After dinning with us in the great hall, we'll show you the kitchen and the dungeon. Then we will take you downstairs to your bedroom. No need to worry about the castle being attacked, the walls are high and thick! But if need be, we can use the secret passage way in the fire place to get to safety. Don't be scared to visit the tomb of Duke George's great-grandfather Sir William Longsword. If you have time before you leave we can explore the rocky shore and catch lobsters. Please come and visit us again soon. - Duke George's squire.

A little more about the castle, Inside the castle, are weapons, flags, and armor decorate the walls. The castle features a great hall, armory, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, dungeon, and tomb. The fire place has a secret passage way and the dungeon also has one too. It also includes a bunny, a lobster, cat, spider, and two dogs. Castle measures 14 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 11 inches high. Includes 8 minifigures, Duke George, Duchess Julia, Sir John, Lady Alice, squire, cook, farmer, blacksmith, 2 men at arms, and a prisoner. This castle took me 5 MONTHS to build. Thank you for your support. Please, Please, Please, share this great idea. Tell everyone you know.

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