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Pen Holder

The pen holder was my original idea. 
Putting everything in one box looks more thoughtful. 
When I saw the LEGO 40561 set, I liked the theme very much, and then I wanted to design a pen holder that would be suitable for office workers to put in the office.
I wanted the pen holder idea to be beneficial to both students and workers, so I added dots to make up the text and image like a pen and scissors, making it more vivid. 
There are two separate boxes, one for pens and pencils and another for tools. 
Do your best to create a tidy storage environment.
1. One pen and one pencil each; the other box contains tools (ruler, scissors etc.).

2. Three hinges are used in this project to make the distance between the two boxes longer and closer.

3. To make up the text and image like a pen and scissors by dots to make pen holder more vivid.

429 parts
Dimensions: 18.7 x 9.7 x 16.8 inch stud

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