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Heavy Metal Explorer (Guitar Spaceship)

The Heavy Metal Explorer travels the galaxy, looking for new bands and new sounds. The might of the Metal produced by its crew is then used as a renewable energy source to power the ship.
This project was initially my submission to the Lego Music contest, but unfortunately it did not pass the selection phase. I still think that Lego catalog seriously lacks some guitar ships as well as some Metal, so I submit it again as a product idea.

When I had to decide what I would build for the contest, I wanted to make something related to science-fiction as well as music. Then I remembered the guitar ship from the Daft Punk movie Interstellar 5555, and thought it would be cool to have something similar in Lego. There is also a Kiss guitar spaceship in a Scooby-Doo cartoon. But I wanted something more Metal, so I ended up with this very personal guitar.

The bottom part, the guitar neck and the top part of the ship are made of technic frames for stability. They are tied together with several long technic pieces both at the front and the rear, so the structure remains strong.  
There are also technic pieces that can be added at the top of the guitar neck, to help the ship deal with Earth gravity.

- 4 crew members with their instruments : guitars,  mics, one drum kit, and several amplifiers
- A detachable guitar head - cockpit, equipped with several sound-disrupting weapons batteries
- Several antennas to detect distant music forms
- Opening roof, to manipulate your musicians during their trip
- Front door to leave the ship in search for musical friends 
- Powerful heavy metal reactors to reach distant and mysterious planets

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