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Working "Wooden" Classic Pinball Table

It's a model of an old wooden pinball table, the left lane has a working spring built in, just pull the handle back and release it to play. Or you could fling the ball up manually via the right lane (just change up the doors higher up to set it up). 

The goal of the game is to fling the ball up via one of the lanes and watch it drop down the playing field (the middle part), once the ball stops rolling, the number on top of it is your score. You want to aim for the holes rather than the bottom part of the playing field. 

I built this after coming back into contact with a classic one online and I remember quite well playing one of these, back when I was younger. I always thought they were really fun and I hope I can spark someone's nostalgia with this or introduce it to someone for the first time via a real set or just here on the site. 

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