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Candy Shop

Hello LEGO Fans!

I’m really happy that I can show you the Candy store. As a small child, I had always loved places like this. Those stores are always very colorful and full of different sweets. It is built on two baseplates: one 32x32 and one 32x8. There is a Candy store full of different sweets and this shop’s owner’s house.

About project:
Candy shop’s walls are made of 10 different colors of bricks. There are many shelves inside and there are tables on the balcony. We can see cookies, cupcakes or many different sweets. The shop's roof is designed like delicious white chocolate. In front of the building, there are some big sugar canes. Next to the shop, there is a small blue house where the shop’s owner lives. It has a balcony where an old man can rest. Inside, we can see a sofa, a table and of course a bed and many different decorations.

I decided to make this project because I have always loved going to candy shops as a small child and I think that many people also loved going to those amazing places.

I think that candy shop would become an amazing LEGO set, because everyone loves places like this. It is very colorful, and it fits in every room. It looks amazing with other building and without them.

If you like it, please, support.

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