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Octan Auditorium


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Guess what? An awesome event is coming to Octan Auditorium in your Lego world! This 1,038 piece project comes full with several awesome features, including the following:

  • Room for 108 spectators, plus 30 (5 seats per row for 6 seats for the floor if you wish. 
  • 7 minifigures, which include 4 patrons, 2 employees, and 1 security officer to make sure your event is safe. 
  • A box office to order tickets. 
  • Concessions stand
  • Moderator box in the top right for someone to MC the event. 
  • Fits on 4 32x32 baseplates, overall it's 64x64 studs. 
  • Complete backstage zone, which includes a garage door for trucks to back up and unload/load up.


A Few things to Note:

  1. The Octan logo would go on all white parts on the front of the building, but I did not have stickers to put on because I made this with Lego Digital Designer (LDD*). Also, there would be sponsor stickers inside the auditorium from businesses sponsoring the auditorium. 
  2. I am constantly making updates! Please check back for updates!
  3. If this gets approved as a Lego set, it'll be amazing! I guarantee it!

* Does anyone know if on LDD there is a garage door piece? I can't seem to find it if there is one. 


Please hit that support button, and thank you in advance for supporting my project! Hope to see it on the shelves of your local toy store! 

Coming soon: more awesome projects! 

"The Octan Auditorium is ready to serve your event."

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