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The Fishing Dock


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Hi I’m Greenflame24!

This is my first project. This was inspired by all the fishing sets you can find here. I am a big fan of fish and the ocean so this is right up my isle. I noticed that there are lots of boats and stores and they all seam to do well. One even made it to a real Lego set. But there are not really any docks. So not having enough of the right types of bricks to make a store or a light house, and never really tried making a detailed boat. I fell upon the idea of a dock, I like docks there cool and easy to build. So with that I am going to tell a few things about it and what it took to build it.


How long did it take me to build it?

 Well if you don’t count the time it took me to find all the peaces I’d say about 15 minutes.


 Why did I choose to make this?

Read the top section.


What playability features does this set have?

Well for starters the rock with the small light tower can be removed to increase the playability or create a new look, for display or stop motion! It also has a tower with lowering cross beam. The tower can be used like a giant fishing pole in some ways, with a bucket on the end of your line. There are three signs on tower which I’m sure Lego can some up with some sort of clever print for them. The tower also includes a swinging lantern. Beside the tower is a place to hang your fish after you have caught them and on the other side a basket to hold an ore and harpoon gun. 


 Why do I think people will buy this set?

Well this is a modular type set, and I know lots of Lego builders are enjoying creating modular cities. Lots of cities have docks, and most builders are probably looking for something more detailed than what you can find in the Lego City set line.


    Anyways that was some information about the build you might have been wanting to know. I Hope that you find this set intreating and enjoyable! I added the last two pictures as a silly way of saying thanks to all you supporters! To let you know I will not be chatting in the comment section but would be grateful to find suggestions for future updates. Also please please please share this set on social media, that is one of the most effective ways of gaining support. And so to conclude this project go ahead and don’t hesitate to knock that support button clear out of the water, if you know what I mean.


Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!     

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