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Adventurers Arriving to an Oasis


A duo of adventurous travelers have decided to drive through the desert. During their journey they have arrived to an oasis and now setting camp...

This project consists of a verdant oasis - with a parrot and a monkey living inside - in the middle of the desert and two minifigures preparing to camp for the night. They have built a fireplace and unpacked some equipment around it.

The main part of this set though is the veichle they have entrusted their lifes to. This -pretty detailed - jeep carries all their apparel essential for survival: tools, food (in chests) and drinking water (in barrels).

I like building new vehicles - especially spaceships and cars - of lego, but this cross-country is my first relatively realistic one. As I am also into adventures and lego is suitable for role-playing too, I have felt it necessary to build the environment of the jeep to put it into a story.

I hope that everybody having the same interests as I do will like this set and support the project. Thank you!

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