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R/C Audi A5 Coupé (Scale: 1:10)


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Hello, everyone.

This is Shinn. I am an international student in the US. I made this original Audi A5 (Ver. 2014) model for one of my transfer materials. This page gives me a chance to post my model to the LEGO fans all around the world. I hope you guys can like it!

First of all, let me introduce some main details about the model to you.

Features-exterior and interior details:
1. Perfect scale for 1:10;
2. Fully crafted interior and exterior;
3. Openable engine cover, doors, trunk cover and the panoramic sunroof;
4. Mimetic 2.0T engine with working cooling fan;
5. Working steering wheel;
6. Individual front and rear central armrest(Adjustable rear central armrest);
7. Adjustable front and rear seats;
8. Foldable rear seats with the proportion of 4:6;
9. Four wheel independent suspension system;
10. Independent space for trunk and battery holder;
11. Available space for spare tire.


Features-electric details:
1. Remote control full-time AWD system;
2. Remote control central differential lock;
3. Remote control steering gear;
4. Remote control self-made LED daytime running lights.


The following pictures are some exterior details of the model. But this page does not allow me to post too many images. The pictures of the details I mentioned above could not be showed on this page. If you really like it and want to check it out, you can click the link below to visit the website. I posted the making process, detailed pictures and GIFs on it. The pictures and the GIFs on the website can show you what a fantastic model it is!

However, I am sorry the words showed on the website are Chinese. So if you have some questions, I can answer you on the comments of this page.

Click here for making process and more details (Chinese BBS)

You can also find some high-quality photos on the Flickr.

Click here for additional HD photos on the Flickr

Please feel free to give me new idea and i will appreciate your support!

Thank you for your reading!

Shinn Song

The side of the model.

The trail of the model.

Mimetic 2.0T engine with working cooling fan

R/C LED day time running lights.

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