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Plexus Grid Air Ship

The Plexus Grid Air Ship can explore different dimensions, many worlds, and discover board games and card games from these places! The ship is equiped with different cameras, a telescope and also a planetarium, there is also a weather station on the roof.

I have created this air ship because it's a dream since my childhood to be an explorer on a flying boat. I have grown up and I have learned 3D modeling, so I can realise a little piece of my dream. I think this would be a great Lego set because you can feed your imagination and travel through thought.

This ship contains 2950 parts, including 3 characters. I have changed my mind and evaluated a creation with less parts than the first version. I have reduced the part count of the balloon and the structure but it takes a lot of parts because of the tiles 1x1 made for the black and white pattern so I have replaced some 1x1 tiles by 2x2 tiles. The creation of the balloon was a challenge and also managing the shape of the golden hose was difficult, but I'm satisfied by the result.

My Flickr account if you want watch more pictures of the project :

A video of the construction is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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