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Rotating Portrait Marble Maze

This is a new way to play and build your own creation! This idea is a twist on a classic marble maze, where you navigate a ball from the entrance of the maze to the exit. However, this maze is a portrait! On top of that, you rotate the maze by turning a wheel, so it can be placed on any surface such as a shelf, desk, or bookcase

Pictured here is a build using the classic LEGO minifigure head as the portrait. However, this is only a template, and you can build on top of it. You can make a portrait of a family member, or friend, or yourself, or a character you enjoy, and more. As well, the portrait is suspended over a background. Here I've stylized the background to be themed around stars. However, as long as the tiles that you place are flat, you can design the background however you'd like! Tie it to the portrait's subject, even.

If you made a portrait of a friend, write them a message in flat tiles. If you made a portrait of yourself, build a mosaic of your favorite things. The possibilities are nearly endless!

This is a large build, but versatile. It's highly customizable, and can be treated as a piece of home decor. How the portrait and background end up looking like is up to you!

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