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Ultimate Lego Batman Batcopter


This project is my proposal for a Lego Batman themed Batcopter.  The Batcopter is perhaps the most overlooked mode of transportation in the Batfleet. But not anymore! Check out the Ultimate Lego Batman Batcopter!

I built this model because I wanted a Batcopter that could take the whole Batcrew on a mission.  Previous Lego designs only include room for just Batman.  I wanted it to look intimidating, and be very playable for kids ages seven or older.  This model comes with four minifigures: Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin.  Batman and Nightwing pilot the Batcopter and operate the weaponry.  Robin and Batgirl operate the rescue line that can extend out either side of the helicopter.  The Batcopter includes many playable features such as the push operated interweaving rotors, multiple spring canons located on each wing, rescue line, rotating gun turrets with stud shooters, passenger doors, and a cargo bay door for adding an additional items such as a Batcycle.

I think it would make a great Lego set because it has a great playability factor for both kids and adults, it is a set that includes four of the most popular Lego Batman minifigures, and it is a really fun build for a popular Lego theme. 

This design is partly comprised of two different Lego Ultra Agents helicopter sets: the 8971 Ultra Defense Unit and the 70170 Ultra Agents Ultracopter vs. Antimatter. 

Key features:

  • Push mechanism that operates the dual interweaving rotors.
  • Rescue line that extends out either side of the passenger area.
  • One large and two small shooting mechanisms on each wing.
  • Rotating gun turrets with stud shooters
  • Dual cockpit design.
  • Cargo bay door.
  • Two Passenger doors that hinge upward.
  • Landing gear that can be raised or lowered.

Part count: approximately 770 pieces.

View it on YouTube to check out more angles and see the rotors in action:


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