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Dinosaur Transport Train

Watch out for dinos on this once in a lifetime train journey! This dinosaur transport train is a self-driving steam train that is taking velociraptors from the Jurassic period to the present. Full of dinosaurs, this train is a wonderful play set. With hinges between the cars, this Lego set can easily move over rough terrain, which makes it an even more fun, fantastic, and fascinating set to build and play with. I made this set because I like how steam trains look, and I like building vehicles with wheels. Instead of building one or the other, I decided to combine them into a steam train, but with wheels. Because of this, it is meant to be an off-road vehicle rather than a subway. It is very playable and easy to build which is why it would be a great product idea.

Dino positions
Dino #1: On the left side of the last carriage facing towards the back of the train.
Dino #2: On the right side of the last carriage facing towards the front of the train.
Dino #3: Between the last carriage and the middle carriage.
Dino #4: In the middle carriage peeking out of the back end.

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