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Scubster Wet Submarine


this is a minifig scale model of the Scubster, a human powered wet submarine.

to put it simply: this is like an underwater pedalboat.
wet submarines are not pressurized: the pilot has to wear scuba gear.
depth limits are therefore limited by human factors.

scubster won the innovation prize at the 2011 international submarine race in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

for more informations,
about the submarine:
about the race:

a photograph of the actual submarine, with its latest cockpit.
it is piloted by Stéphane Rousson.

photograph by Terence Dewaele.

the actual shape of the model is slightly different from the real submarine, and wanting a minifig scale, compromises where made.

i hope it somehow manages to capture its spirit...

when the pilot is inside, he leaves his fins attached to the access panel.

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