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Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street


A little Different to what we've submitted before but inspired by the Sherlock Holmes books. Its been a project we've wanted to do for a while and its taken about 6 months of designing and sourcing the right parts for our 221b Baker Street building.

Minifigures:- Sherlock Holmes / Dr Watson / Professor Moriarty / Mrs Hudson / 2x Police Constable's

The Modular Building is hinged so it can open easily to be played with or the roof sections and Sherlock's Bedroom can be detached as well. There is also a play feature with the alley window as it can swing out so Sherlock can escape.

Building Description:


We've tried to reflect the Victorian 221b Baker Street design using a white bottom half and dark orange masonry bricks as well as using black window frames and creating the iron bar fencing making it look like a Victorian London street. Its also has a over-hanging oil lamp, tiled walkway and side alley with storage crates and cat. The roof has been tiled roughly to reflect the slate style and there's a chimney stack down the right side of the house.

Inside Entrance-

Through the front doorway is a reddish brown tiled wooden floor with staircase leading up to first floor, as well as a hat stand and grandfather clock right near the door. There's also a bookcase and storage area for Sherlock's books and accessories.

Kitchen (Under the Staircase)-

The kitchen is small featuring white cupboards, tiled floor and food accessories and broom.

Living Room-

The living room reflects the Victorian vibe with fireplace and tiled wooden flooring and rug tiling, there's a bookcase filled full of books as well as extras on the left and a statue bust. The room also includes two wingback chairs and a small table for Sherlock to consult with Dr Watson in. Above the fireplace is a mounted sword and the room also includes a plant, lamp and chest of drawers.

Up Stairs-

Is a small landing with crate and there's rope in for Sherlock to escape out the widow with which adds a great play feature. Sherlock's bedroom is filled with drawers, bed, fireplace, lamp and coins. On the left is a mirror and table with his many disguises for him to use when pursuing suspects. Finally it also has his investigation board with ongoing case on it.

Hopefully you like our Sherlock Holmes 221b Baker Street and could support it :)


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