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Da Vinci Flying Machine

To see this model working,

If you would like build your own, building instructions can be found on my website..

In the 15th century the great Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci dedicated himself to the study of aviation. He created many sketches of human powered flying machines, inspired by the flight of birds, that still capture our imagination today. Even though his work never realized a functional machine, it is a shining example of what the human mind can accomplish.

I believe the strength of the LEGO system is that it allows us to let our imagination soar, creating whatever we can imagine without being encumbered by what is technically possible. With this model I have tried to capture the beauty and elegance of da Vinci's ideas, and hope that in turn it will inspire you to design your own amazing LEGO creations.

I think this set would make a great desktop model and conversation piece, not to mention it is fun to play with and mesmerizing to watch.

This model features realistic flapping wings and can be operated manually or using a motor (either a Power Functions M motor or old 9V motor). The stand features a piston which moves the model up and down in time with the flapping of the wings. The flyer can also be easily detached from the base and 'swooshed' around.

I even created a da Vinci styled 'sketch' of the flying machine, which I think would make a great addition to the instructions.

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