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Hello there, I would love to introduce my Lego Ideas set which is inspired by one of the best rated TV reality shows ever - Survivor. 

My Idea include four main parts of Survivor.
It is:
  • tribal council with stone road to voting urn
  • camp with shelter
  • auction which is changeable with slingshot challenge inspired by series 7 challenge

Those four parts are in real life Survivor totally separated, but that is something what I would not like as the Lego Idea model. Four baseplates, everything separated. No.

I decided to connect all main parts into one big. It is completely walkthrough (from camp to challenge/auction through tribal council part), but it is still slightly and naturally separated by nature or walls. 

Tribal council 
At this place players are eliminated by voting. My tribal council place is inspired by Nicaragua. I absolutely loved to build this church ruin. It is overgrown by lot of plants. In the middle of church is firesite. Along the wall you can find 6 torches, for every player one. Burning torch means life in this game. After voting, urn is placed on the table and votes are read. Who gets most votes, his torch is extinguished.

''The tribe has spoken.''

This is where all the intrigues take place. There you can find typical shelter, campfire, bag with rice, harpoon, island map or typical food - coconut. On the left side there is chest with letter. Behind shelter is hiding drinking water well and next to the palm, there is hidden symbol of imunity. Along shelter are walking big enemies of peacefull sleep – crabs.

Very favourite challenge. For money you can buy food (cookies, donuts, pizza…). Highest bid wins. No money, no funny. 

As I wrote, it is inspired from series 7 - Pearl Islands. Player must hit 2 targets (orange and blue) by slingshot. After the first hit, the torch rises and lights another torch until the top barrel burns. Players are competting for gold imunity in the shape of snake.

In my Lego Idea you will find 1511 pieces including 6 tiles with name of each player. And of course, choice of the best survivors:

“Boston” Rob Mariano
Parvati Shallow
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Yul Kwon
Jeremy Collins
Rupert Boneham

Last minifigure is one and only, excellent moderator - Jeff Probst!

''Drop your buffs'', become one big tribe and let's unite forces. Help me with sharing my Idea and fulfill my dream of becoming Lego Ideas designer. With enough support of you, we can all start building this set together.

I want to thank you everybody for support and feedback. And remember:


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