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Grendizer / Goldorak

Some decades ago, a Super Robot arrived on TV. Its name in France is "Goldorak", aka "Grendizer" in other countries.
As far I'm concerned, I was a big fan of the cartoon and I think the character has marked a generation.

I've worked on a model that fits a minifig while limiting the number of bricks.
The complete set represents :
- Around 1100 bricks for Goldorak itself.
- 800 for the spaceship.

As features, you will find :
- The Crusher Punch, with the flip forward blades
- Usable Double Harken

The dimensions for Goldorak alone : 42 cm high, 23 cm wide and 10 cm depth (16 cm with the Double Harken).
Inside its support craft : 23 cm high, 70 cm wide and 40 cm long.

I hope you'll enjoy this set.

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