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Mr Bean Brickheadz Set


I grew up watching Mr Bean and now, 25 years on, my children love watching the animated series.

So when thinking of what other characters deserved a spot in our Brickheadz collection it wasn't long before the instantly recognisable, comedy favourite, Mr Bean was suggested to be immortalise in Lego form… and of course Mr Bean would not be complete without Teddy and his distinctive Mini.

When I had completed the build I was so pleased with it that I shared it on a Lego group and was genuinely surprised by the number of positive comments received and requests for instructions! so I thought perhaps this should be my first Lego Idea’s submission.

The build itself finds Mr Bean with Teddy and a mop accessory, so he’ll be able to get his new bargain armchair home as we saw in the classic episode ‘Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean’. There is also a rope to tie the chair down which is not included on the rendered pictures although it can be clearly seen in the additional built pictures.

Our Mr Bean is the standard Brickheadz figure size and we think would sit right at home with any collection of iconic characters.

Although a distinctly British character Mr Bean’s antics and visual humour have been shown and loved in 245 territories around the world, in 2 feature films and meant he was even a key character in the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Many thanks for taking the time to view, and hopefully vote for, our submission so one day this may become a set and part of your own collection.

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