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Micro AT-AT Hoth


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Micro Size AT-AT Hoth Scene

This projects is for three AT-ATs attacking Echo Base on Hoth. The moment just before the shield is brought down and the rebels have to flee the imperial troops.

I didn't set out to make a Star Wars set, just seeing what I could do with a box of small pieces I made a walker. The walker is not just a computer design it has been built and it is stable, can be positioned with different leg arrangements and the head will turn left to right. It can also be positioned as shown with laser bolts heading for the generator and stand up!

Each AT-AT only uses 12 pieces, it stands 35mm tall, 40mm long and 17mm wide, the complete set shown uses 130 pieces and is set on a 16x16 stud base.

To see a 360 degree view of the set just cycle through the additional pictures.

It was fun making them and I hope you like the set, if you do please support and spread the word.

Thank you for checking out this project

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