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After building a few medieval style builds, I decided to focus a bit more on nature and perfecting my building plant skills. The result was trees, a project consisting of three well known members of the plant kingdom, a Birch tree (Betula pendula), a Bonsai tree (Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku'), and a Pine tree (Pinus sabiniana). 

The birch tree:
The birch tree always played a big role in my life. Where I live, it is one of the most common trees around and provides the perfect amount of branches for a spectacular climbing experience. For scouts like me birches are an excellent source of fuel for bonfires seeing as though there bark is paper-like and easily burns. 

The pine tree: 
If the birch tree is one of the most common trees around, than the pine is the most. Everywhere you look in southern Poland you're sure to find pines. Their branches provide beautiful decorations for winter and, like the birch, also are pleasant to climb on (as long as your mindful of the occasional sap)

The bonsai tree:
This build was built in a different scale than the others. While the birch and pine are built in minifigure scale, the bonsai was constructed to be life-size. If anyone ever had a dream about having a tree in their house, the bonsai is certainly a good way to do it. This minuscule tree can fit in any home, still displaying the beauty and magnificence of it's larger family members. it's the perfect decoration for any nature lover.

Why did I build it?
I suppose after seeing many sets from licensed themes as well as others, I felt trees were underrated. Sure, in the occasional city or castle set you'll witness a few, however they are usually left out in those sets seeing as though they are designed for younger fans who care more about which minifigures come with the set. Lego Ideas looked like the perfect way to create a project for everyone that felt the way I did.

Why do I think i t would make a great Lego set?
As I said before, I'm sure many fans would love to have a set that focuses mainly on trees. I keep the ones I built on my desk while working - they have a great display potential and so look great sitting there. Another reason for others to have this set would be to place the trees in their own MOCs and creations to add that needed sense of nature to a build.

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Happy building!

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