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House of Secrets

This is a house with a walk-out basement. On the main floor there is a kitchen, dining table, half bathroom and an office. In the basement there is a full bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room with TV and pizza. There is also a trap door that leads to a lounge with guitar, couch, bookshelf, and a music album. In one of the lounge's walls there is a hidden door that hides three secret rooms: An office with a cot, another half bathroom, and a workshop with tools and a ninja suit. The owner of the house, an elderly man, is also the secret Purple Warrior. When two suspicious men start lurking around, he must dust of his suit and defend his grandchild and her friends.  It also includes an old-style car and eight minifigures: two thugs, purple ninja suit, grandpa, two boys, girl, granddaughter, plus a baby figure.

Pieces: 2827

Minifigures: eight plus baby figure

Extras: Car with space for a minifigure, patio with table and chairs, and tree

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