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Stackable Rack Enclosure

What is it?
A general purpose storage enclosure with stackable frame and drawers of various sizes.
It requires reusing the same technic panels in different ways to produce a stable storage unit.

Why did you build it?
I have a certain affinity for this form factor because it is similar to (but not compatible with) 19" rack mount enclosures used in computing, networking and audio-visual applications.

I have built one of the drawers myself using two colours of technic panel 5's (but didn't have enough pieces to build a frame or any of the other drawers). It originally started as the front panel of a console but evolved into something that is more practical, more functional and that has a physicality to it.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
The main use cases for this build are:
- A set of drawers for housing individual LEGO bricks and pieces (drawers can be any size)
- A display cabinet to house LEGO models (with appropriate modifications for stability for heavier models)
- An enclosure for low-power computing equipment (multiple Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Mindstorms etc...)
- A stackable template for aiding design of similar storage units and models made from many panels.

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