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Classic SUV

Great for offloading or just cruising around on a Saturday, this classic SUV is highly capable as well as stylish. This r/c model features remote-control drive and steering, as well as bouncy, rugged all wheel  suspension and a durable frame and body. The truck has a differential on its rear drive axle to handle tight turning. The truck has a lot of power, able to surmount rough terrain with ease. The truck is relatively small for an r/c Lego, so the motors, receiver and battery box consume a lot of space, with the motors situated between the frame, the battery box in the back of the truck, and the receiver in the passenger seat. Despite the lack of interior space, the model features a detailed drivers seat with dashboard and steering wheel, as well as interior and exterior door handles, rear view mirror and single, driver's side mirror. The truck also has a spare tire mounted on the back, as well as exhaust and light details. In addition to being a great r/c model, the truck utilizes sophisticated building styles, blending both technic and creator techniques. Your support is greatly appreciated!